Gabrielas Art & Design info 2012



I`m an artist, designer, writer and more in all creative producing forms.I have been making art all my life and will continue with that in the future.I have been doing clothing design, art,design education scools. Also in most general self learned.I have been dancing ballet,actress,singing which I also would like to continue with in the future.

Konst hantverk.

Härmed visar jag er några målningar jag har gjort,det blir fler framöver som ni kommer att få se.De är målade med oljefärger.

Tavlor målade i ateljen.





Bilder målade med oljefärger med datorns program.




Painted pictures.

Here I´m showing you all some paintings I´ve made.I am keeping on doing more which I will show all of you.I hope you people in the world like them. Pictures painted with oilcolors in the studio.       Painted with oilcolors with data paints programs.